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Acne Boot Camp

Welcome to our Acne Boot Camp! Do you suffer from mild to severe acne? This facial series is for you. We use Face Reality Skin Care products to help get to the core of acne breakouts. Normal skin usually sheds about 1 layer of skin per day while those with acne can shed up to 5 layers per day! This hyper keratinization contributes to the formation of acne. Consistent home care is key to maintaining a healthy skin barrier and improving acne. Facials are recommended to be purchased in a series of 3 for better results. All facials include skin consultation, enzyme or peel, extractions, mask, and massage. For clients interested in purchasing products, skin consultations may be done virtually! Book your appointment today!

Products-$130-160 depending of amount of products you choose to purchase and the strength of products purchased. Products are based specifically on your skin type and severity and type of acne. It is recommended to purchase the entire line and not mix with other product lines for best results. 

Facial Series-$600 package includes 6 facial treatments. Facial treatments are normally valued at $120-130 each. This is a savings of $120! Facials will be tailored to your skin type and grade of acne and what your skin can tolerate at time of treatment. 

What Your Esthetician Expects of You-Consistency! I cannot help you if you are not consistent with home care. Facials and treatments come second. What you do at home will make or break your progress!

Virtual Consultations-Interested in the products but can't make it in person? No problem! We offer virtual consultations with drop shipping to help you get started on your acne clearing journey. Initial consultation includes overview of diet, lifestyle, and products. Your Esthetician will follow your progress and make adjustments to your regimen as needed. Email us to book your virtual consultation today!